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Workbook Course

$ 50

You can take the DVD course from the comfort of home or any other location where you have a DVD player. A testing booklet, which contains the quizzes and final exam, will be mailed to you along with the DVD. You must then email or fax us your answer sheets for grading. Alternatively, you can take the quizzes and final exam online, through our website, and your answers will be scored immediately.

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DVD Course


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Online Course

$ 40

Our online DSP course contains videos, interactive games and driving safety simulations so that you can have fun and be engaged while you learn. Our online streaming video course is our DVD DSP streamed via the internet, through our website.

At the conclusion of each chapter you will be prompted to take a quiz. Upon passing the quiz you will move to the next chapter. At the conclusion of the course you will take a final exam. You must pass with a score of 80%. Upon passing our course we will send your certificate of completion to the Indiana BMV electronically.

Take Our online Course Anywhere and Anytime and From Any Device
Our online courses are 100% Responsive, meaning it will automatically fit the course to the screen size of the device you’re using, so you can study from anywhere and at any time. Each time you log out of your course, your work will be saved so that you can resume when you return.

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